What Programming Language Should I Learn First? [Short & Sarcastic]

Adel Alaali
Mar 29, 2022


[swift > python] && [python > .js] && [swift < c++]&& eye ❤ swift.

JavaScript is obviously the king of the inter-webs, while Python with its white-space and ‘clean’ syntax is crowned beginner-friendly.

Though being functions of binary, each language’s derivation comes with varying paradigm approaches. I have come to love Swift, as it interlopes Pythons' ease of use with JavaScript’s web-based functionality.

I wish the adage “If it can be written in X then it will be written in. JS” were true for Swift. Imagine having a consistent front/back-end stack coupled with the aforementioned. Now that is a pipe-dream.

Yes, Swift has her own inter-web frameworks; however. JS’s ubiquity should reign for some time similar to how Microsoft Windows has over the past decade. Long live the internet’s Microsoft Windows.