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In a 3 page, double spaced, (Times New Roman 12 pt), 1 inch margins paper, please discuss one leadership style found in CHAPTERS 11 or 12 and critique its positive and negative aspects. Provide analysis as to how this particular type of leadership would be applied within a business setting. Is there any one better style to choose from depending upon the type of organization or job position? Give examples.

For this writing assignment, students will have two weeks to complete the paper. The writing assignment opens the beginning of week 10 and will be due at the end of Week 11, which, in this case, would be Tuesday, November 16th. Please proofread your work as this assignment has a lot of points. I would get started on this Week 10 as there is no additional assignment in Week 10. There is, however, an additional assignment in Week 11, so plan accordingly.

Students should include content from the textbook and 3 outside references in their discussion. Cite your sources and add a reference page.

The leadership styles to choose from include:

- Authentic leadership
- Ethical leadership
- Servant leadership
- Situational leadership
- Transactional leadership
- Transformational leadership



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