The Dog. [Poem]

Adel Alaali
1 min readMar 29, 2022

There was once a small puppy that lived on my street.

He used to sit there, calmly — no master at feet.

Children from school used to play with him.

But then, some kids came and started to stay with him.

And then, they started to beat-him.

Dog had patience, but he was irritate.

Now, Dog wouldnt let them defeat-him.

Everybody used to scold him,

So he lost trust.

One day a kid scolded him,

So he made a fuss.

Parents came out to beat him,

So he just bit.

He bit at the parents, Tryna defeat-him.

Dog couldn’t say nothing.

And everyone scolds him.

Dog does nothing back.

except for, try to show them.

Now he is a mad dog

from who most stay away,

Those Same Kids..

Who Used To Play..

The Mad Dog,

Nobody Could Teach Him.

And perhaps,

Today — They Will Defeat Him.