Shortform: Class Introduction. Online Course.

Adel Alaali
1 min readSep 10, 2021

Hi Class;

Attorneys have an incredibly unique influence of power when it comes to changing the law. This power is open to anyone, as it is 100% egalitarian. Even myself, a first born immigrant, can change policy — all I have to do is go to law school and pass the bar exam. Being afirst generation-first born American, in itself affordfs me the very opportunity to make change in people’s lives and our country. In understanding the blessing of being an American, I can become president if I choose such.

Wherin studying law is my meal-ticket, I’ve too have realized The American Legal System as the very crux of my definition of the ‘American Dream.’ Having turned 31 last week — I plan to be practicing jurisprudence by 33. So, in attending Rutgers School of Business: I believe there is something to learn in every subject and find joy in being given the opportunity to learn new things. And pursuant to my dream of becoming an attorney at law, I have passed IBM’s exam to become a data scientist. I hope to leverage said skill to bring a better understanding to doctrinal law interpretation. Moreover, my foray into high education is predicated on one thing: I never want to work in finance again.

On the side, I skateboard out here in xxx city and frequently find myself writing code when free. Let me know if there are any programmers out there!