Sample Shorthand: Librarian Email.

Adel Alaali
2 min readSep 8, 2021

XXXX Public Library

Attn: [insert name here]

Sept 09, 2021–11:50

Dear Ms/Mr. [insert name here] , (← shift alignment to left (EVERYTHING ^.)

## spelling, structure. bottom is not odne.

I’m writing to express my interest in the vacant Assistant Librarian position at the XXX Public Library. Though my experience in Librarian Science may be limited, I make recompense through a multi-disciplinary work experience, including volunteership with Father Joes and Habitat for Humanity. The aforementioned efforts are the start, and hopefully, an impetus to myself furthering the librarians pathos: to aid other who themselves are in the pursuit of furthering knowledge. (*May be wrong ← possibly replace ‘knowledge’ with research.)

With knowledge as the soul’s beneficiary and books being her fuel therien, one can postulate that the perservation of said indemnities is sacrelegious. And when considering the amalagation of my passions respective to Librarianship, I humbly ask you to consider me for the privileged to be under your tutelage as a student-apprentice.

I am a graduate of XXState University, having a bachelor’s degree with the locus prevailing in English Literature and Creative Writing. And upon graduation, according to my passions, I have attended courses specifically curated to Librarianship, including extracurricular coursework via the likes of ‘Coursera’ of which reinforces my understanding of copyright law.

Moreover, I am confident my work experience, particularly as an Executive Assistant and Judicial Clerk, will add value to necissated to peform (optimally) in (said) job description’s specifications. Finally, as a student of literature and a being perpetual scholar , I’ve come to realize my life’s onus may be predicated to preserving and protecting history by safeguarding information — in a simular fashion as yourself.

My passion for literatrure and book learnig is predicated on a __, taught by local Librarian, circa 1995: knowlege is an endless journey, and books should expound one’s demarcatin, creating ideolgoy and juxtaposing theory. Thereby books support ones journey the way a walking caine aides one when trudging down an arjious path.

Therein, I would like to extend this opportunity to convey my appreciation for your work. I appreciate you for what you do — Thank you for continuing the tradition of librariainship.

** And Per my passion for librarianship, I humbly ask you to consider me for an apprenticeship role as your Librarian Assistant. (← may need to rephrase.)

**** I hope to further literature by promoting __, preserve knowledge in accordance to copyright law. (← rephrase.)

in accordance to promoting literacy. I wish to do what you do and humbly ask your hand to guide me through an apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship would mark an indelible impression on this 30 year old’s life. So- Again, and at the risk of sounding presumtious — I would be more than honored to be under your tutelage, Ms. ___ . Thank you for your consideration, as I am forevermore looking forward to our continued kinship.

Signed Shawna

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