Is Money Really That Imporant?

Adel Alaali
Jul 11, 2021

The sole pursuit of money is a fool’s pursuit. Although money does buy you things, as a business owner, and spending the typical 10–14hrs workdays- I have a question for you:

Does the prospect of only chasing money seem plausible? And if it does, do you want your life, for the next 3–30 years, beholden to a ‘thing’ — in this case money — rather than a cause?

Arguably, drug dealers are self-employed, and in many instances, cash-rich too. And when poised with an offer to earn a legal income- of which is on parity to his/hr illegal operation- most drug dealers would prefer the legal option.

When facing the stressors of self employment, many assess their time scarcity by weighing the opportunity cost. Who wants to chase money for a living? To me, it sounds like a fool’s pursuit.