Adel Alaali
2 min readJul 10, 2021


Sample Business-Thank You Letter.

Rutgers University-Camden

227 Penn Street
Camden, NJ 08102
(856) 225–1766

Tuesday, May 4, 2019

Dear Dr. Sansworth,

On behalf of the Rutgers University-Camden, School of Business, your effort to prepare me in business communication and etiquette, both written and oral form, has been noteworthy and worthwhile. Business Communication [52:135:250:92] has been a vital function in aiding my personal development and understanding of business-oriented etiquette and linguistic eloquence. Lessons learned from Business Communications will help me troubleshoot real, business world experiences.

Business Communication and etiquette is paramount to my success in earning my Juris Doctorate and becoming an attorney-at-law. I appreciate you helping me understand the dynamics of functional communication in the assigned group projects. In addition, the projects also developed my leadership skills by having myself guiding our team members and assuming the position of as the overseer for the drafting/proofreading procedures.

Subsequent individual assignments, including proofreading and discussion modules has helped me better understand best practices on revising and proofreading business communications. As a result, I now use the 3x3 rule in my daily writing.

Dr. Castillo, I would like to thank you for the time taken in educating me, providing opportunities for improvement, and most importantly- the time shared together (especially given current circumstances!) It has been a pleasure and a privilege being under your tutelage.

Adel Al-Aali

Rutgers University, School of Business

Assignment: Write a brief ‘business thank you letter’ keeping in mind the audience.

Your assignment is to send a thank you letter to a teacher or mentor who as inspired you, helped you, or somehow made a difference in your life and thanking this person for his/her support.


Dr. Pueblo Sansworth

Lecturer, Rutgers School of Business-Camden

Business Communications [52:135:250:92]