[Creative Assignment] -Create a Personal + Professional Bio

Adel Alaali
2 min readJun 7, 2022

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Attorneys exert a unique sphere of influence when changing policy and shaping legislation. And moreover, the practice of American Jurisprudence is 100% egalitarian; therefore, even I — a first-born/first-generation immigrant- can become an attorney and help make our great country a better one.

The requisite of having to go to law school and having to pass the bar is why I am attending Rutgers Business School. Moreover, my journey in becoming an attorney at law has led me to realize that the best attorneys/prosecutors leverage several methodologies and frameworks when interpreting common law. However, unfortunately, the current legal interpretation incurs many constraints, such as result and time-delivery ambiguity. Therefore, as a part of my journey, I have also ventured into Software Development — with a focus on Machine Learning for Web-Based and iOS-rendered queries. After having deployed several finance-related programs and given the continuality of technological advancement, — I hope to leverage what I am currently learning within the machine learning domain and interlope my findings to create an efficient, Machine-derived elucidation of common law and legalese.


Given my proclivity to continuous learning and considering my existing domain knowledge, I am confident my skillset and determination exceed [business-name] expectation for the Solutions Engineer role queried.

At first glance, my career repositioning from being a loan originator to software development may not be the obvious first choice to fill its vacancy. However, my educational background; extensive background in financial services and the varying projects previously deployed/collaborated on should attest to the continuation of my domain knowledge and any transferability required to match requisite qualifications. Moreover, within the prevue of my professional career, I served as a team-leader — having led collaborative efforts for client-oriented solution-making and infographic visualizations for said data.

Furthermore, my scholastic endeavors — including a BBA in Finance and Professional Certificates for Data/ Science from Harvard Edx/IBM — (and recently collaberation on GitHub projects) should resolve any salience imparted by my pre-employment history. Finally, the shift from financial services, and my computer-related technical skill has prepared me to transition to solution-oriented engineering and, therein, its support-related matters.

I look forward to working together and appreciate the opportunity for consideration. And moreover, I hope you find yourself having to look no further after reviewing my resume — especially if [management and team] are seeking a motivated self-starter with existent domain knowledge, all of which is demonstrated below.

I believe our work together via a cohesive effort will indeed further organizational goals while also purveying g established cultural norms and values.