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Adel Alaali
1 min readJul 11, 2021

Though I trudge the arduous journey of the ‘sympathetic lawman’, I too find joy in tending to another’s creativity — nursing their ideas from birth to completion. My gratitude- alongside your ensuing success after employing me- will manifest in the quality of labor rendered. Every job is a commitment: with each requiring a unique sense of detail, sculpting, and finesse.

I am a Business graduate, and ‘to be’ Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D.) — having receiving my B.B.A from Rutgers Business School and to be attended Rutgers Law School. I read literature in my free time, with the locus prevailing in law, philosophy, and algorithmic ethics. Moreover, I help others — like yourself — edit and proofread their creative work.

I am a freelance copywriter and software developer for the IOS/UNIX platforms, as-well as related backend services. With having the ability to read, understand, and implement computer code, my programming attunement is now focused on machine learning, the ethics of algorithmic programming, and the development of scalable applications.

My normal response rate is under two hours, and assignment completion is 48 hours. Additionally, I offer Expediated Deadline Commitments (24hr<), upon request.

Adel Aali

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